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18 February 2019
Reviewer: Charty from Europe

3 of 6 people found this review helpful

Been playing for some ten years now, on-off. Nearly everything I know I learned here; never took lessons or attended a music college.

Pros: Superb variety of lessons; several highly talented and skilled instructors (Muris Varajic deserves to be mentioned by name), nearly every style covered extensively (metal, shred, rock, jazz, classical, country, funk, fusion, fingerstyle, acoustic, punk, etc), lessons for every skill level (level 1-3 for beginners, 4-6 for intermediate and 7-10 for advanced players), an extremely positive environment and perhaps the best customer support I've ever received anywhere, plus a community-like atmosphere with all sorts of collabs, friendly chatting, etc.

Cons: A somewhat lacking theoretical learning environment - there are lesson series on Jazz theory, for instance, but they are scattered, and the text versions for theory are mostly beginner level; some lessons are a bit low quality (most are great, though); the lesson format might now suit people who want more direct instruction (the videos are mostly "look and see" format, with faster and slower playing accompanied by tabs - although again Mr. Varajic gives a good theoretical explanation of what he does in every video :) ).

Overall: go check it out. I used to lurk at the site... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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Amazing site.
15 March 2013
Reviewer: Tomislav from Vancouver, Canada

200 of 380 people found this review helpful

I have been a member for 2 mos now and Love it. Sometimes I find things hard to navigate but as far as personal care no one comes close btw I am also a member of Jamplay. The instructors are amazing and will personally help you with emails and suggested work. Yhe amount and variety of lessons is staggering. Wish the live chat sessions had a higher quality video its good but not great. I highly highly recommend Guitarmasterclass, Love these guys.

Tomislav K

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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05 January 2012
Reviewer: Michael Connell from El Paso, TX

184 of 371 people found this review helpful

My wife and I have been members now for going on 6 months. Weve tried just about every other site there is and nothing compares to this site. The instructors are really great and you have many to choose from. The REC (Recognition Program)is a system where you record your take of a chosen lesson and then upload it to share with the site and the instructors will grade you and coach you in where to improve. I think it's a fantastic deal. They did not have a family plan at the time so my wife and I pay $15.00 a month per piece but for what they offer it's a deal that can't be beat. I've learned from looking around and trying to beat this system that there is no quick way to learn the guitar. No miracle overnight solution. If you don't put the time in, if You don't practice, you won't learn it. GUARANTEED !! If you feel like the site is too hard after watching, grab an instructor (Which there are many) and ask them to walk with you and help you out. They will all be more than happy to see your success through. If... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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Guitar Masterclass.net Not recomended
05 October 2010
Reviewer: John from Canada

177 of 363 people found this review helpful

The site promises a lot but delivers very little. If you like watching someone play a guitar then it's for you. As for instruction, it's a waste of money. There are much better places on the Internet where you can get a much better deal and something of value for your money. The marketing is very misleading.

I got bored of it within a few days.

In summary, I would not recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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