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Guitar Masterclass Review

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GuitarMasterclass.net is a website which hosts a large guitar-focused community. It’s made up of tutors and students, all of whom are avid guitar fans who enjoy sharing songs, tips, lessons and more. The full site contains over 15,000 videos and more than 3,000 lessons from 17 instructors, so there’s plenty to learn.

Finding guitar lessons is pretty simple and the site understands how guitar playing functions. You can choose your instrument, style or instructor, plus the level or difficulty you wish to play at. You’re then shown all the lessons which suit your preferences.

Faced with so many results, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. However, you can view the latest and highest rated videos within that category and shift your preferences until you locate something you’re looking for. Still, a key word search would be really useful!

Although you can’t necessarily search exclusively within the lessons, you can perform a search through all of the site’s content. It’s not too difficult to then find what you’re looking for, assuming you know what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure, that’s where the live help and forums can really come in handy.

Live help is provided using an instant messenger, or you can arrange to receive support using video chat. This is particularly helpful if you’re not sure how to move your hand or just want some feedback on how you’re playing. Workshops also run fairly regularly, and you can sign up for these if you check out the workshop calendar. 

The site’s forums are opened up to you for life if you become a paying member, so even if you only pay for a month, you should be able to chat in the forums forevermore. The practice room offers tips and exercises on improving a range of skills, and you can also request feedback from members. The forum is very popular and there are posts around the clock, so it’s a great way to meet people.

Why might you want to meet people? Well, several reasons. One reason is to share information or just to chat about playing guitar, but you can also form virtual bands. This allows you to collaborate on tunes, exchange music, provide feedback and more.

Lessons are somewhat basic (or low tech), since they sometimes don’t provide much detail in the video. The video tends to show a piece being performed, which you can then zoom in on, slow down or request the tablature (a simple form of written guitar music) so you can better understand how it’s played. The tutor or player also adds additional notes, which can include tips on how to move from one section to another, areas you might struggle over, or even just the simple chords listed for you so you can easily read them.

The Guitar Master Class 12 month package offers very good value for money, not only for the vast amount of videos and lessons, but also because you gain access to a thriving online community. Additional tools and features are also available to paying members. It’s suitable for all levels of guitar playing, from absolute beginner to seasoned professional, so if you’re not sure whether to give it a try, we recommend exploring using a free account and then deciding whether or not you’d like to upgrade for full access.

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