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Tom Hess Review

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TomHess.net offers bespoke online lessons and support for his students. You can receive personal feedback with regular lessons and practices, all of which are picked especially for you rather than from a generic bundle. He uses goal driven strategies and tries to understand your personal preferences to produce a tailor-made guitar course to improve your skills as quickly and successfully as possible.

Tom’s a confident fellow, dissuading visitors from using online tutors and Teach Yourself Guitar websites which aren’t his. Whilst we didn’t really find his arguments very persuasive (particularly since he’s offering the services he’s suggesting you avoid), he does seem to take a very personal approach to guitar tuition.

TomHess uses a detailed online questionnaire to find out about your current level, aspirations and approach to learning. This is good to see as it’s something rarely done, and provides Tom Hess with plenty of information to really tailor your course. He’s also honest about how many lessons you should take with him, not wanting to have all his students sign up for a weekly lesson if they don’t have enough time to practice in between.

Tom provides lesson materials with up to 7 different parts, with each lesson documented and sent to you. This means you can keep the lessons or revisit them whenever you need, with materials to support your progress. He’s also keen to have feedback on his classes and how you’re progressing, as well as building long-term relationships with his students, so there’s a very personal approach to online guitar courses with Mr Hess.

Bonus lessons are provided with each one-on-one class you take, which help to fill in the gaps between classes. This is a nice extra, because the classes themselves are very expensive, particularly if you decide to take them regularly. You’ll definitely need some disposable income if you wish to learn with TomHess.net, because one lesson a week for a whole year would cost you well over $2,500.

Though we’re pretty convinced Tom offers a great personal service which produces results, it’s hard to look past the price tag. If you’re serious about improving your guitar skills, particularly if you wish to become a musician, and you have plenty of cash, then perhaps Tom’s worth a try. Otherwise, we think that you can find plenty of useful online resources and classes elsewhere, at a much lower price tag.

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