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Guitar Tricks Review

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GuitarTricks.com provides over 11,000 online lessons with help from over 40 guitar tutors. It has downloadable apps to help you tune and practice, plus a great array of songs to play along to. Its lessons and tools are suitable for beginners and advanced players, making it a really useful site for any guitarist.

If you don’t know anything about playing a guitar, don’t worry. Guitar Tricks provides carefully planned video lessons with a knowledgeable tutor who talks you through everything step by step. If you have a particular genre of music or style of guitar playing in mind, you can also locate lessons which focus on those preferences. At first, though, it’s probably most sensible to take a few more generic lessons for beginners. 

The site allows you to try out a great deal of material before you decide whether or not to pay for full membership. You can access dozens of lessons for free, as well as advice from tutors and also a few really helpful apps. This gives you plenty of opportunity to check out the quality of the lessons, which we felt were very well produced and offered tips suitable for the ability levels they described.

Apps include tuners and games to help you learn notes, chords and more. These are especially handy for beginners because finding the right note or tuning your guitar can be hard when you’re not used to hearing the correct sound. Apps can also be downloaded, making them really useful for travelling and retuning a guitar when you’re on the move and don’t have an internet connection.

The site has put its prices up since we last reviewed it, but we still feel that it offers excellent value for money, especially if you take out a year-long contract. The contact with tutors and access to so many lessons, in particular, mean that it’s far more affordable to join GuitarTricks than it is to take private lessons. Having all of the site’s resources at hand also adds great value.

More than 2 million members have used the site, which is testament to its effectiveness and general appeal to real guitarists. You can also visit the forum, where thousands of people are talking about thousands of topics. If you have a question or want to share tips, that’s the place to do it!

Playing along to songs is one of the best ways to improve your guitar skills, and this site has plenty to choose from. You can find guitar styles ranging from fan favorites such as jazz and rock, or lesser known styles such as funk or bluegrass. Information is also provided on some of the song writers and performers who play the songs, as well as a brief guide on how simple or difficult a tune is to play.

Everything considered, Guitar Tricks is a great site for learning to play the guitar. It has some really handy apps, a huge collection of lessons for all abilities and a substantial catalog of play-along tunes to explore. What’s more, its free content is so generous that absolute beginners can learn the basics without spending a cent. Highly recommended.

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