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Guitar Jamz Review

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GuitarJamz offers a comprehensive range of online video lessons. You can learn a variety of techniques and songs for guitar, progressing to blues, jazz and more. Specialist master classes are uploaded for more seasoned players, including tips on playing Clapton and Hendrix, plus a range of music theory videos to help develop song writing skills.

Beginners can take advantage of the very generous 3 day trial. This allows you access to a range of beginner lessons, which you can also download. These are simply produced but well explained, and the tutor is very enthusiastic about his subject. He offers tips and spurs you on with encouragement throughout. 

Aside from lessons, beginners can also try out a range of easy songs, which are, again, explained with clarity. Each song is suitable for beginners, and you can tackle them at your own pace, or follow the songs as they are indicated through lessons.

Epic guitar exercises are provided, allowing beginners, intermediates and advanced players to develop their skills. All members can also check out the music theory section, where they can access a chord rhythm library and a range of guitar scales. Song writing skills and theory can also be learned here. Videos tend to last 5-10 minutes, so they’re short and snappy bites of theory to get you buzzing.

We really liked the explanations provided by the tutor, who takes his time in explaining exactly where each finger is places and how to strum or pick the strings. This is great for anyone who is new to the guitar. As you advance, this level of detail fades and is replaced by more difficult lessons and tips.

A range of apps are available to download from Guitar Jamz. These include a chromatic tuner, chord library, metronome, lessons, songs and more. It’s really worth checking these out as some of them can be incredibly useful to all levels of playing. E-books are also available, often covering a particular style of guitar music, such as tab manuals for country, blues and more. 

If you’d like to own copies of the lessons on DVD, you can purchase these. This is a good alternative to the monthly plan if you intend to take quite a long time and wish to revisit the lessons without streaming them online. These packs are affordable and offer good value for money, especially since they come with a heavy discount.

Monthly fees are in keeping with other guitar lesson websites, with the 12 month package offering excellent value. If you’re not sure whether you’d enjoy the tutor’s style of teaching, or whether the lessons would be appropriate for your level, you can create a free 3 day trial account which allows you access to all lessons. Since our last review, the number of lessons has approximately doubled, and he’s always uploading new classes. If you’d like a lesson on a particular song he hasn’t covered, you can also send a request for him to record a class on how to play that tune.

GuitarJamz has some unique and informative lessons for all levels. Whilst the site is missing some community features, if you enjoy watching videos and learning songs as a way of improving your guitar skills, this is a great site to try out.

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