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18 February 2019
Reviewer: Charty from Europe

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Been playing for some ten years now, on-off. Nearly everything I know I learned here; never took lessons or attended a music college.

Pros: Superb variety of lessons; several highly talented and skilled instructors (Muris Varajic deserves to be mentioned by name), nearly every style covered extensively (metal, shred, rock, jazz, classical, country, funk, fusion, fingerstyle, acoustic, punk, etc), lessons for every skill level (level 1-3 for beginners, 4-6 for intermediate and 7-10 for advanced players), an extremely positive environment and perhaps the best customer support I've ever received anywhere, plus a community-like atmosphere with all sorts of collabs, friendly chatting, etc.

Cons: A somewhat lacking theoretical learning environment - there are lesson series on Jazz theory, for instance, but they are scattered, and the text versions for theory are mostly beginner level; some lessons are a bit low quality (most are great, though); the lesson format might now suit people who want more direct instruction (the videos are mostly "look and see" format, with faster and slower playing accompanied by tabs - although again Mr. Varajic gives a good theoretical explanation of what he does in every video :) ).

Overall: go check it out. I used to lurk at the site without paying for a long time, as the first video lesson of a song is always free. Check out whatever instructor you like; personally I recommend Muris Varajic, Marcus Lavendell, Ivan Milenkovich, Diego Budigin, among others. It's a great resource, and I've benefited so much from using it.

The community has quieted down some, and most instructors are no longer active (the videos remain forever, though), but those that are are highly active and able to provide answers for nearly every question. Ten years ago, I think, the site had a more golden period, but it's still great, all the same. It seems JamPlay, GuitarTricks and Youtube have taken some customers away, but I find GMC the best.

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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