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Jamorama is an online guitar teaching service. You can access more than 200 HD video lessons, request 1-on-1 Skype lessons, find genre courses and more. You can also pay per course or join using a monthly membership which gives you unlimited access to the lessons, making this a flexible system to suit most lifestyles and budgets.

This website offers guitar courses in two ways. The first option is to pay per course. For example, there are three beginner courses which teach chords and method. Alternatively, you can find courses based on a genre which you prefer, including blues or fingerstyle. Skills and techniques courses can be accessed which teach general guitar methods with guitar workouts and lead guitar guidance. The second option is to become a full member, which allows you to access all of the lessons during your membership period.

We were particularly interested in the acoustic guitar maintenance lessons, which are an important part of guitar playing which most sites miss out. Looking after your instrument should be a part of the lessons, and we were glad to find it on Jamorama.com.

The real lure of this site is that it offers free lessons. A 2-week kickstarter, essential strumming course, 20-day chord blitz and advanced picking class ought to be enough to get you rocking along to a few simple songs. This is all free, plus you can access free tools, which include a guitar tuner and e-book. This is in no way revolutionary or unique, but it’s still good to have such tools offered on the site.

Each course consists of a series of lessons, all of which are filmed in HD. They start with the very basics and gradually progress in difficulty. For example, the free guitar basics course tells you about how to hold a guitar and pick properly, how to read notation, it teaches you four chords (which allow you to play hundreds of songs), a key strumming pattern and some tips on chord changes.

Brief video introductions explain each course and what’s included, which is a good way of understanding what’s involved. A table of contents and some exercise files are also available to view, so you can make an informed decision before spending money.

Whilst the lessons and courses available are of high quality, there aren’t nearly as many as you’ll find elsewhere. This might be a reason why Jamorama is a little cheaper than some of its competitors, but it also means that there’s not as much content on Jamorama. We were also disappointed that you couldn’t access a catalog of songs, and there were no chord libraries available. You can find these elsewhere, but it would have been better to access them without using another site.

That’s the general feel of Jamorama. It feels a bit like they’re in transition from offering software and courses on DVD, to online content, and haven’t quite got the backlog of lessons to provide as much choice as you’ll find on other sites. Still, if you do like the look of their lessons, they are of high quality and will offer you plenty to learn. 

We’d recommend checking out the free lessons on Jamorama.com. If you enjoy those, it’s not expensive to purchase a more advanced course or to join as a full member. If you’re a more advanced player, you might not find this site quite as useful as a beginner would, but you can still explore their course outlines to see if there’s something which is suitable for you. 

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