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Jam Play Review

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JamPlay offers online guitar lessons, educational games, a great set of community features and more, to help develop your guitar playing skills. HD videos are provided with notation, and new video lessons are uploaded every day, with around 11 hours of new lesson content per month. Combine this with several comprehensive chord, scale and jamming libraries, and you’ve got everything you need to become a guitar master.

The sheer amount of guitar-relevant information and tools on JamPlay.com is pretty impressive. As a free member, you can browse the site and explore exactly what’s on offer. Five sections (lessons, features, teachers, live and home) allow you to easily navigate the site and find whatever you’re looking for.

The lessons pages provide a quick video overview of what’s available and how each lesson will play out. If you begin with the basics, you’ll be introduced to everything from how to hold a guitar to using a plectrum, from how to read notes to producing chords on the fretboard. There’s plenty of content to explore if you already know the basics too, so you can simply skip over the lessons which aren’t relevant to you.

All lessons are streamed in HD, the videos allowing you to view important information such as hand positioning. It’s also useful to hear the guitar as you watch it being played. Tutors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, offering more than 4000 lessons in total (to date). Lessons cover a wide range of genres, which also include lesser-known areas of guitar playing.

More advanced guitarists will find lessons on complex riffs or creating your own music. The libraries really come in handy here, allowing you to build your own chord sheets for practice and song writing. You can also test various scales or seek out elements of solo performance which you can sew together to form a new guitar solo.

If you would rather learn a particular kind of skill or song, instead of learning the guitar more generically, Jam Play allows you to find particular tunes or artists. You can also check out bass lessons and they even run live lessons where you can follow what’s going on and ask questions of the tutor. In that sense, it’s very much like receiving a regular guitar lesson (although you have to share the tutor with others). 

  By building a profile page and exploring the forums, you can forge online friendships.  

The site’s features pages are probably some of the most important to check out. Here, you’ll find details and links into community, chords, scales, jam tracks, games, licks and reports. Each of these offers a great variety of tools and information, so let’s think about some of them right now...

Community is important on JamPlay. By building a profile page and exploring the forums, you can forge online friendships. You can then chat to friends using live chat or a messaging system, allowing you to communicate effectively. This is a useful way to share tips or tunes, as well as seeking advice from guitar teachers. Your JamPlay profile will help others to see what your interests are, which is also another good way to make friends.

Chord and scale libraries offer a useful resource for song writing in particular, but they also provide tools for building practice schedules and exercises. Meanwhile the Jam Tracks section offers a huge number of songs which are regularly updated. You can find your favorites, play along and add your own to the lists.

Games are available which will help you to improve your playing techniques and note identification. These are a fun way to get to grips with learning to read music, and they go beyond the basics so you can really expand your knowledge of notes and chords if you want to. Similarly, the licks and riffs section is handy if you want to create some banging solos or work out a few riffs which you can incorporate into your oeuvre. 

Jam Play understands that improvement needs to be monitored in order for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. In particular, its report and note keeping features will allow you to monitor your progress over time, which also provides a boost to your morale, as you can sometimes not realize how far you’ve come.

If you wish to back up your online learning with an offline tutor, the site provides a page for students to find tutors in their area. You can also check out the live section, where you’ll find live tutorials, and Q&A sessions, where you can find answers to any issues you’re having.

With really affordable packages and a huge range of useful guitar-learning and support features, JamPlay is hard to beat. If you want to learn to play the guitar, we recommend checking it out now. 

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