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05 January 2012
Reviewer: Michael Connell from El Paso, TX

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My wife and I have been members now for going on 6 months. Weve tried just about every other site there is and nothing compares to this site. The instructors are really great and you have many to choose from. The REC (Recognition Program)is a system where you record your take of a chosen lesson and then upload it to share with the site and the instructors will grade you and coach you in where to improve. I think it's a fantastic deal. They did not have a family plan at the time so my wife and I pay $15.00 a month per piece but for what they offer it's a deal that can't be beat. I've learned from looking around and trying to beat this system that there is no quick way to learn the guitar. No miracle overnight solution. If you don't put the time in, if You don't practice, you won't learn it. GUARANTEED !! If you feel like the site is too hard after watching, grab an instructor (Which there are many) and ask them to walk with you and help you out. They will all be more than happy to see your success through. If you don't learn and exceed here, You are not dedicated enough ! plain and Simple. I'm speaking from experience.

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Masterclass to a friend.

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