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Instinct Guitar Lessons Review

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Instinct.com combines video tutorials with animated guides to help deliver clear guitar tuition for any level. There are a range of styles to choose from, and you only pay for the courses you wish to try. The first few lessons in any course is completely free, which is a great way of sampling what’s on offer.

There were a few things we really liked about Instinct. Firstly, we were impressed by the site’s free content. You can try the first week of lesson in any course, completely free of charge! Courses are made up of “weeks”, with some courses lasting longer than others. For example, the Jazz Thru Blues course contains 5 weeks’ worth of lessons, with each week made up of 6 lessons, making 30 lessons in total. You can try week 1 without restriction or payment, so you get 6 jazz lessons for free. Very generous indeed.

Another factor we were fond of was the site’s combination of animation and video tuition. Whilst a tutor talks (you can see them in their own home), you can also follow the on-screen animations which show you which notes they’re playing, and when. This is a little like an interactive computer game, so it can be quite fun to take lessons.

During a lesson, or once it’s over, you can begin to practice key elements of the tuition. For example, you can recap and repeat a particular part of the lesson, setting how many times the practice will repeat. This allows you to progress at your own pace without having to fiddle with controls too often. The same can be done with songs or tunes which you play, so you can really nail those difficult movements.

There aren’t a lot of courses to choose from (we counted just 12) so the lifespan of Instinct.com isn’t great. However, you don’t pay for membership; rather, you only pay for the courses you’re interested in. You can also check how difficult a course is, choosing to only view those which are suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced players.

Prices seem very fair, at between $9 and $15 in general. Since you receive approximately 25-30 individual lessons, this is really good value for money and you can view paid-for courses as often as you like. 

If you want to learn a particular style and need a few lessons to get you started, Instrinct.com is a great option. However, it’s limited by the amount of content, and some of the tutors seemed a little bit lacklustre, playing in slightly dingy bedrooms. Still, the lessons’ content is fine, and the site charges a fair price for a good service overall.

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