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Reviews of the Top 10 Teach Yourself Guitar Websites of 2023

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Teach Yourself Guitar Websites of 2023 (also known as Guitar Learning Websites). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each teach yourself guitar website, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Jam Play image
JamPlay offers online guitar lessons, educational games, a great set of community features and more, to help develop your guitar playing skills. HD videos are provided with notation, and new video lessons are uploaded every day, with around 11 hours of new lesson content per month. Combine this with several comprehensive chord, scale and jamming libraries, and you’ve got everything you need to become...

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Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar image
Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is a DVD, CD and book package with online support for anyone who wants to develop their skills on the guitar. It covers all ability levels, with additional options for advanced players, plus purchasing your copy means that you can access the active online community of guitar students.  You may see a few quick fixes on the internet, such...

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Guitar Tricks image
GuitarTricks.com provides over 11,000 online lessons with help from over 40 guitar tutors. It has downloadable apps to help you tune and practice, plus a great array of songs to play along to. Its lessons and tools are suitable for beginners and advanced players, making it a really useful site for any guitarist. If you don’t know anything about playing a guitar, don’t worry....

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Guitar Jamz image
GuitarJamz offers a comprehensive range of online video lessons. You can learn a variety of techniques and songs for guitar, progressing to blues, jazz and more. Specialist master classes are uploaded for more seasoned players, including tips on playing Clapton and Hendrix, plus a range of music theory videos to help develop song writing skills. Beginners can take advantage of the very generous 3...

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Guitar Masterclass image
GuitarMasterclass.net is a website which hosts a large guitar-focused community. It’s made up of tutors and students, all of whom are avid guitar fans who enjoy sharing songs, tips, lessons and more. The full site contains over 15,000 videos and more than 3,000 lessons from 17 instructors, so there’s plenty to learn. Finding guitar lessons is pretty simple and the site understands how guitar...

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Justin Guitar image
JustinGuitar.com is a free guitar lessons website with hundreds of complimentary video lessons. You can find lessons for all skill levels, or particular interests, and all Justin asks for is a donation. You can also purchase apps, books, DVDs and more, plus there are links to further resources, such as podcasts, a forum and special offers. It’s hard to imagine how much work the...

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Rocksmith image
Rocksmith combines console, PC or Mac software with downloadable content to help you learn guitar faster than ever. You simply plug in your electric guitar using a special cable, choose a song or game, and play.  The really clever thing about Rocksmith is that it immediately learns and responds to your playing. Choose a song, start playing at a simple level (just one note)...

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Jamorama image
Jamorama is an online guitar teaching service. You can access more than 200 HD video lessons, request 1-on-1 Skype lessons, find genre courses and more. You can also pay per course or join using a monthly membership which gives you unlimited access to the lessons, making this a flexible system to suit most lifestyles and budgets. This website offers guitar courses in two ways....

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GuitarLessons.com image
GuitarLessons.com provides a range of free beginner and intermediate guitar lessons online. It also offers access to The Guitar System, a downloadable package of additional lessons for a complete guitar education, better suited to players who wish to develop beyond basic playing. Guitar Lessons does what it says on the tin: provides guitar lessons online. Many of these are free to access, each recorded in...

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eMedia Guitar Method image

eMedia Guitar Method is a software package which helps you to improve your guitar playing. Starting with the basics, you can progress with tips and lessons, monitoring your progress and receiving instant feedback on where you might be going wrong.  The main function of GuitarMethod is to teach you how to play guitar. This package begins with the very basics, so even absolute beginners...

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Latest User Reviews

Guitar Jamz image
User Review of Guitar Jamz by John Wells on 09 November 2022

Should have checked the reviews before purchasing a course oh well never again. I purchased a course but was unable to download. Have emailed no less that 10 times for help. As of 11/09/2022 absolutely NO response, All I recieved... (Read the full review)

Guitar Jamz image
There is NO customer help that I can tell.
User Review of Guitar Jamz by Eric Perkins on 09 June 2022

I lost my job recently and with this loss the email I used to communicate with and to enter the lessons on the website. When you log in the user name is the website the customer supplied. I cannot now... (Read the full review)

Guitar Jamz image
Full Web Access and Coaching Club
User Review of Guitar Jamz by Kevin R on 26 November 2021

There is plenty of content on this site but I find it hard to follow at times. I feel the instructors are very good at the beginning of these courses but soon skip over minor details assuming it is not... (Read the full review)

Guitar Masterclass image
User Review of Guitar Masterclass by Charty on 18 February 2019

Been playing for some ten years now, on-off. Nearly everything I know I learned here; never took lessons or attended a music college. Pros: Superb variety of lessons; several highly talented and skilled instructors (Muris Varajic deserves to be mentioned... (Read the full review)

Guitar Jamz image
Glad I found guitarjamz.com
User Review of Guitar Jamz by Mrdutchy on 08 July 2013

** Teaching effectiveness ** Marty tells you where to fret your guitar and shows it slow enough to see. Occasionally you will need to rewind. The method works and it's fun. It doesn't focus on theory. It follows a learning... (Read the full review)

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