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eMedia Guitar Method Review

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eMedia Guitar Method is a software package which helps you to improve your guitar playing. Starting with the basics, you can progress with tips and lessons, monitoring your progress and receiving instant feedback on where you might be going wrong. 

The main function of GuitarMethod is to teach you how to play guitar. This package begins with the very basics, so even absolute beginners can pick it up. It detects your guitar playing using your computer’s microphone, and after calibration it is able to detect when you’re playing incorrect notes, offering feedback and guidance on how to improve.

Aside from detecting your playing skills, eMediaGuitarMethod also provides exercises and lessons to support your development. Quality video lessons are available, showing a split screen of the tutor. Using this technique, you are able to view strumming patterns as well as finger movements. You can also slow down content or speed it up so that you can move at your own pace.

Altering the speed of songs is a really useful way to get to grips with a piece of music. You can also loop segments of each song (of which there are more than 70) so that you can practice sections which you’re struggling with. Expert advice is provided with each tune, should you need it.

You won’t just be learning to play by ear and by watching a tutor; eMusic Guitar Method also teaches you how to read music. This is particularly useful if you want to write your own songs, but it’s also helpful because many guitar song sharing websites use tablature as a way of writing music.

There are more than 250 chords in a chord library, with audio samples so you can hear how they ought to sound. Again, this is very handy if you’re a song writer, or wish to become one. The animated fret board also helps to improve your awareness of chords and how they should appear and sound.

eMediaGuitarMethod might feel a bit dated to some people. A floppy haired, grey shirted tutor leads the way for much of the course, and it’s more traditional than it is revolutionary. That said, the electronic resources compliment the more traditional approaches to provide a pretty comprehensive course for beginners.

If you’re an advanced player, it’s likely that this service won’t have much to offer you. However, there are other courses you can check out on the eMediaMusic.com website. These include blues guitar, rock songs, Guitar Pro and many more.

Some of the other features, such as a digital metronome, tuner, recording tools and error highlighter (which shows your errors in real time) can be very useful in helping to identify weak areas in your playing, which you can then work on. However, this system would really benefit from more online content, so you could update your songs lists, request feedback, chat to other members and more.

For around $60, GuitarMethod is very good value for money. It provides a comprehensive course for beginners who wish to learn and improve their guitar playing. Further advancement will require further purchases, however, so it is useful to understand your playing level before making a purchase. 

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