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Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Reviews

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Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review

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Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is a DVD, CD and book package with online support for anyone who wants to develop their skills on the guitar. It covers all ability levels, with additional options for advanced players, plus purchasing your copy means that you can access the active online community of guitar students. 

You may see a few quick fixes on the internet, such as sites which claim you can learn guitar overnight. Gibson takes a different approach, suggesting that practice and quality instruction are the most important ingredients to guitar success. They’re masters of all things guitar-based, producing some of the finest and most famous instruments used by musicians throughout recent history. Their instruments are iconic and renowned for their quality, so we expect no less from their lessons.

Thankfully, it’s a thumbs up for Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, as they provide dozens of lessons and workshops to help you progress from an absolute beginner to a competent player. Each lesson comes as a high quality video, with a professional and knowledgeable instructor at the helm. They talk you through each stage of learning, with clear examples. You can also view hand positions, play along and more, which is a great benefit of using video tutorials. Since these lessons arrive on DVD, you will need a DVD player to use them, and there are no download or streaming options, so you’ll need to wait for the package to arrive in the post.

Each lesson consists of a demonstration of techniques, some expert advice on what can help and what to avoid, plus a practice workshop with Steve Krenz, who encourages you and teaches you exercises and practices which you can continue in your own time if you wish.

The course is very well-designed, so you should never feel that a lesson is far too easy or difficult, but that you are improving as you move from class to class. If you’re ever stuck, the site offers pages for student support, where you can ask for extra tips or share recommendations with other students. There’s an active online community, which helps make this possible.

Probably the biggest downside of LearnAndMaster.com’s tutorial packages is that they don’t offer downloads or apps. It would be useful, for example, to be able to download a tuning app for the guitar, or to play games which help you to read music more efficiently. Doing this regularly, on a mobile device during a trip, for example, would help to boost your skills.

CDs offer a wide range of songs to play along with, with many styles covered. They’re really managed to pick some great tunes which can help you to develop particular techniques, a sense of rhythm and more. 

It’s best to purchase Gibson’s guitar lessons whilst they’re on sale. There are regular sales, so this shouldn’t be too hard, and it offers a big saving. For the same price as a year’s subscription to other guitar learning websites, you get to keep the Gibson package forever, so in some senses you get better value for money.

With a high quality course of guitar lessons, delivered on DVD and CD with complimentary resources in a book, you can’t go far wrong trying Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar. There are also sample lessons if you’d like to try it out before you make any financial commitment.

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