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GuitarLessons.com provides a range of free beginner and intermediate guitar lessons online. It also offers access to The Guitar System, a downloadable package of additional lessons for a complete guitar education, better suited to players who wish to develop beyond basic playing.

Guitar Lessons does what it says on the tin: provides guitar lessons online. Many of these are free to access, each recorded in HD. Free guitar lessons cover all levels, although they are probably better suited to beginners and intermediate players than more advanced guitar players. Still, advanced players may be interested in the information and lessons provided on specific genres of music, such as playing blues.

There are more than 50 HD videos and you can choose general skills, rhythm or lead guitar. The lessons are not specific to electric or acoustic, so any instrument you have at hand is fine. There are 12 simple videos for beginners to leap off with, teaching the very basics, such as how to play, hold or tune a guitar. You can try out your first guitar song in no time, with a few basic choices to start with.

Jam tracks are available for rhythm or lead, although there are only six songs to choose from, so choice is very limited. The find more than 100 jam tracks, you’ll have to try out The Guitar System.

Although this site offers some free content, this content is somewhat limited. It feels like a good place to begin your journey if you’re totally new to guitar, but it won’t take you too long to work your way through the lessons, and you’ll be done with the online song choices (as a basic free member) within a short time. As such, GuitarLessons feels a little like it’s a warm up to your advancement onto The Guitar System.

Therefore, it’s difficult to separate GuitarLessons.com from TheGuitarSystem. The latter offers more than 100 songs, more than 35 hours of video and PDF workbooks to support your learning. Results are also guaranteed for 90 days if you’re not satisfied. You’re taught by Nate Savage, a very competent player and teacher, and the full course can be accessed online. It covers everything from chords to styles, improvisation to sequences, ear training to reading music. This is a pretty comprehensive range of skills, and by the end of the course you should be a guitar aficionado. 

The tools and lessons on GuitarLesson are provided for free, but we recommend checking out a few of the lessons to find out whether or not they are to your taste and level of playing. We think that advanced players are probably going to be more suited to The Guitar System (apparently trusted by over 7,000 students, which is okay but doesn’t seem that many compared with competitors in the market). Still, all players will find value in the free content of the site. If you enjoy the free lessons, it might be worth investing in the Guitar System course, since it’s a fair price for a fair service.

Everything considered, GuitarLessons.com feels suitable for beginners and some intermediate players who are still mastering some of the basics. However, advanced users will probably find the free courses a little too simple and may only really wish to test them out to gain some idea of The Guitar System package.  

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