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Blues Guitar Unleashed Reviews

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Blues Guitar Unleashed Review

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BluesGuitarUnleashed offers courses for beginners to intermediates, or advanced guitar players. Its courses are all designed for blues guitar, which uses different scales and methods than other musical genres, so it’s something of a specialist field. You can purchase lessons on DVD or as a digital download.

Instant access is available to the full 31 lesson course, but before you get going you can also try out a free 4 note solo class, simply by signing up to receive the site’s newsletter. This gives you a good opportunity to try out the classes and to find out whether they offer the level of detail and style of performance you’re looking for.

The website goes into some detail about what to expect from the course, with a breakdown of each lesson. This is good to see, because it means you’re not left in the dark about what to expect. The site’s originator also explains his philosophy behind blues music and his approach to teaching it.

Several testimonial videos provide a glimpse into the success other users have found using the Blues Guitar Unleashed system. There is also a list of reasons to start playing blues guitar and the team offers a 1 year money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason – no questions asked.

The lessons show the tutor playing, with an animation alongside which allows you to see which notes are played, when, and for how long. Whilst this is fine, it did feel a little bit like they were simply showing solo after solo which could be linked together, rather than a more comprehensive course. We also wonder how accessible this style might be for an absolute beginner, and recommend that it’s more suited to intermediate or advanced guitar players who wish to learn a new style.

The course can be downloaded or purchased on DVD (with digital download). It comes with a book or e-book with supporting materials, although at times this content feels a little outdated when you compare it with much more modern approaches.

Compared with some other Teach Yourself Guitar courses, BluesGuitarUnleashed.com is quite expensive. It’s only 31 lessons long and there’s very little in the way of online content. As such, it can feel a bit like buying a DVD set rather than having a comprehensive online service for learning guitar. That said, if you’re really intent on learning blues guitar, it’s worth checking out the free lesson to discover if Blues Guitar Unleashed is the course for you. 

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