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Justin Guitar Review

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JustinGuitar.com is a free guitar lessons website with hundreds of complimentary video lessons. You can find lessons for all skill levels, or particular interests, and all Justin asks for is a donation. You can also purchase apps, books, DVDs and more, plus there are links to further resources, such as podcasts, a forum and special offers.

It’s hard to imagine how much work the site’s owner, Justin, must have put into creating and maintaining this site. He’s uploaded literally hundreds of free lessons, and although the site’s not quite as glamorous as others, it’s well-organized. You can easily find lessons based on your interests or particular skills you wish to work on. Once you locate a category using the side bar, you’re presented with a write-up from Justin, who has tips and information to offer on all guitar topics.

Underneath the information, you’ll find links to all the relevant lessons. For example, if you want to know more about ear training, you click on the ear training option, then read about what ‘ear training’ means, how people use it and what are its benefits. From there, you can see the ear training videos (stages 1 to 5) and specific lessons which use those skills (in this case, ear training is used in 6 lessons).

This makes perfect sense in terms of improving your guitar skills, because it means you can really focus in on a particular area of your playing, rather than having to meander through a series of structured lessons which might not necessarily apply to you. Justin knows what he’s doing.

The lessons themselves are informative and Justin has a lot of enthusiasm. You can watch without restriction, as many times as you like. Lessons are linked, too, so you can find out which one might be best for you if you wish to progress. As well as video, there are plenty of audio clips to listen to, with links to tools which might help.

JustinGuitar.com also has several community features to check out. You can hear interviews, new songs, tips and more. The forums aren’t always busy but we were happy enough to see activity on them within the last month.

A free timer and metronome are available to use with a click of a button. There are also a variety of apps for sale for mobile devices. These include a time trainer, note trainer and ear trainer (each for around $2). Books and e-books can also be purchased, which is a good way to support Justin’s good work, considering he allows you so much free access.

Q&A sessions work in combination with the site’s forums, where you can ask any question and wait for a response. Justin seems to be pretty good at getting back to people, and if you don’t hear anything then you should be able to find answers around the site, since he covers everything from very basic issues (how to hold a guitar) to much more advanced topics.

Justin Guitar has lessons for all levels. It’s a well-organized site which keeps guitar players in mind. Whilst it might not have everything for everyone, and is certainly lacking in terms of playalong tracks (probably due to licensing costs), there’s definitely plenty on JustinGuitar.com which is worth checking out. What’s more, it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose!

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