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Glad I found guitarjamz.com
08 July 2013
Reviewer: Mrdutchy from The Netherlands

159 of 303 people found this review helpful

** Teaching effectiveness **
Marty tells you where to fret your guitar and shows it slow enough to see. Occasionally you will need to rewind.

The method works and it's fun. It doesn't focus on theory. It follows a learning by doing approach. This is one of the reasons I had good progress with it over the last 7 months.

Marty Schwartz teaches most of the guitarjamz.com video's himself. There are some guest lessons by Papastache and Tony Brucco (like 10%).

Marty's style is fun to watch. He often makes a joke to lighten it up. The DVD's and video's on the premium site teach the same way Marty does on Youtube. If that works for you this will too. Guitarjamz is way better than the last course I followed (which was L&M Guitar, not recommended).

** Styles **
If you're into rock and blues this will be right up your alley. If you're primarily into hardrock it's a bit lacking. For heavy metal you'd need to find material elsewhere.

** Format **
Most of it is video explanation without tabs or written material. Some video's are jamtrack style. You can solo along while Marty plays a few minutes of rhythm.

A few jamtracks are downloadable as mp3 for... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Jamz to a friend.

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Burned in Vegas!
17 February 2013
Reviewer: Jimw56 from Las Vegas Nevada

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I bought a lifetime subscription to the premium members area of the site and when I try to access the site I am only allowed access to the beginners area. I tried for 2 months to resolve the problem through emails with no sucess. They take over a week to return an email and when I finally here from them they appologize for a technical problem and say the problem is resolved, only to find out that nothing has changed! Dont waste your money here!
Burned in Vegas

In summary, I would not recommend Guitar Jamz to a friend.

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The Online Guitar GURU
31 December 2012
Reviewer: Jerome Drake from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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This guy takes the cake hands down. I have learned more from him in 4 weeks than I have from my actual guitar teacher. I love his style and his approach, he also makes you feel comfortable as you learn and reminds you to be patient and to keep practicing. You rock Marty!

In summary, I would recommend Guitar Jamz to a friend.

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