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eMedia Guitar Method Reviews

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eMedia Guitar Method Costs & Features

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  • eMedia Guitar Method v5 = $59.95.


  • Lessons: more than 180 guitar lessons.
  • Reading: learn how to read tab, full notation and more.
  • Songs: more than 70 easy songs.
  • Feedback technology: receive instant feedback to improve.
  • Videos: more than 50, with split screen features.
  • Close up: view hand movements easily.
  • Kevin Garry: lessons from award winning guitarist.
  • Tuner: make sure your guitar is in tune.
  • Chords: find a library and dictionary of chords.
  • Metronome: play at the right pace.
  • Animated fretboard: see exact finger placement.
  • Note tracker: make sure you’re playing the right notes at the right time.
  • Highlighted: see correct and incorrect notes in real time.
  • Simple: suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Artists: including Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller and more.
  • Loop: repeat sections of music to rehearse.
  • Speed: change the speed to suit your performance. 
  • Record: keep audio and video recordings of your progress.


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